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Welcome to Coleraine

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énergie is truly committed to empowering you to transform your life.

Don't take our word for it... here's what our members say

* Becky Mullan

Found it really informative - made me feel more confident in myself and my body image. More determined to reach my body goals - feeling more energetic and stronger in the gym and my day to day life. Happy experiences every time i come to the gym!

* Hannah Pulman

I think i could of put in more time and effort. I definitely have more motivation to go to the gym now, but still should be more! My nutrition side of things could also be improved, think this is why my weight hasn't decreased. Overall, im enjoying it & cant wait to get stuck back in :)

* Adam Booth

Exciting and informative. Staff coaches & others users have been friendly ,knowledgeable and keen to help in a non patronising manner.Personally i enjoy exercising but have yet to be able to incorporate it into my weekly routine. This is now my next personal goal as i have seen the benefits of exercise on an irregular basis& keen to see the further improvement when i fully dedicate myself to it. Also have lost 7cms from my waist & 3cms from my hips which i am happy with.

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